Alpha Post

Pride 2013

With a first book complete and a growing urge to tell more real-life stories, I chose to pursue the tales of those whose loves are of the same sex as a next topic in late 2014. Playfully titled Cybill Union– in homage to a ’70s generation that sarcastically referred to each other as Mary and Harriett among other dated but delicious names- it aspires to reach from across the table and generate a conversation regarding the validity of homosexual relationships. Restricted to a certain demographic within these numbers, however, its aim is in a new, hopefully unexplored direction.

American Maitre d’, my first blog that ran from 2011 until 2014 and is no longer available online, was comprised of the actual short stories that formed the book’s backbone. From Across the Table will differ, though. Rather than sharing these particular stories and revealing their narrators’ identities, each will serve in a subjective manner, with a spotlight on personal perspective and the desire to generate a conversation regarding a generation of beloveds as they approach a new milestone in their journeys.

The trip will be worthwhile, and I look forward to sharing your company.


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