“At that moment I knew. I knew, the way that you know about a good melon.”

 -from Rob Reiner’s 1989 film, “When Harry Met Sally”


In a few months’ worth of meeting the wonderful population that comprises CYBILL UNION’s subject matter, what has become a fascination as of late is how quickly a few couples chose to share a house. Mainly a phenomenon occurring in faithful pairs that met in the early ’50s, it seems that on average, only three months passed before two different sets of males- both from California, coincidentally- felt as comfortable and as certain of each other that moving in together became an inevitability. Most notable of all, these pre-Free Love courtships grew as these four, unassociated men explored their relationships while in the company of other friends. Whether attending parties, spending entire days on the Pacific Ocean’s sandy beaches, or just growing more acquainted while riding bikes together along a scenic route, their mutual attractions were nurtured with the milk of attention, undistracted by Facebook updates, Twitter feeds, and Grindr visits. A simpler time? Yes. An era when entertainments extended to just what could be generated by imagination? Perhaps. But with Time’s passage, these couples remained together; in fact, one twosome celebrated 65 years together not two weeks ago.

Yet, is this proof that love can just grow when stimulus is reigned in, and attention and imagination partner up to inspire and direct? Does the evidence suggest that continual interest results from maintaining lines of communication while in the company of friends? Again, perhaps. Still, the main lesson of a sixty-years’ removed generation cannot be found in how their courtships progressed, since the lifestyle isn’t in step with current times. Rather, it is inspired by a legacy that each created during a time before America came of age, when instinct could dictate how ripe a relationship could be, even with a lack of sunlight.

Photo Credit:

Eduvirama Group, “Melon,” The Eduvirama Website. Viewed: 3/16/2015 Link: http://blog.eduvirama.com/propiedades-nutricionales-del-melon/


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