Print“To come or go to a place again: to come back or go back”

Merriam-Webster Dictionary definition of “Return”


I last contributed to this record on April 30, 2015. Since, my writing efforts have focused on finishing another project, my first book, American Maitre d’, an inspired labor of love now fully edited and available for download on Amazon ( Like Cybill Union, it is an album of particularly significant stories. However, unlike Cybill Union, the stories shared are from those working in some of Chicago’s most respected dining establishments, rather than from an aging population now finding cultural acceptance of its proclamation of love.

Ironically, 2016 may involve transitions that reach beyond this page, too. Provided certain conditions are met, I plan to move from an apartment I dearly love to an area where a new community exists. Within the year, I hope to speak with as many as possible about both American Maitre d’ and Cybill Union, to raise awareness of the power of storytelling. Even more personally, in the next three hundred and sixty-five days, I look to invest the time to find a family that I never thought possible and to begin to write a new story of myself. And looking at 2016 from the vantage point of December 28th, such dreams do not seem impossible to achieve. They only require effort and – in the case of my literary and personal endeavors – others’ interests.

On this point, I have recently thought that writing a book that no one reads is the same as performing in an empty room. Despite emotion and time invested, each artist is in a situation where no one experiences his work, a common fear of all growing up when the amount of “likes,” “re-tweets,” and “followers” one receives determines worth. I have enjoyed that, too. When blogged, American Maitre d’ received eighty-six thousand hits within two-and-a-half years and was read worldwide. The approval was meaningful and affirming, yes. Such applause and laughter fueled this stage actor’s work and, best, honed my voice as a writer. Still, I look for a change this time. To generate conversation – with commentary generated from currently undetermined subject matter – would be worth the investments of time and emotion, wouldn’t it? Yet, will a stage as wide as the Internet be the right venue for this performance? and will only a modest social media presence leave these efforts to resemble one standing in an empty room, emoting while no one listens?



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