Consistent Zip

zing zang

We covered the history of Zing Zang Bloody Mary Mix in today’s class.

In 1996, Illinois banker and real estate developer Richard Krohn found a problem he believed he could fix after he drank Bloody Marys offered at many local restaurants. Product consistency was impossible since bartenders continually figured and re-configured the builds of their beverages (These were the days of tomato juice, horseradish, tobacco, and Worcestershire Sauce, remember?). Having found great success among his friends with his own homemade Bloody Mary mix, he thought to carry a case in his trunk and have managers of restaurants along Chicago’s Milwaukee Avenue try it. The plan paid off! Now retired, he began to work with a Melrose Park company to mass produce it and then to build its name. Finally, he started mainstream distribution, finding markets for Zing Zang in touristy cities like New Orleans,  Florida, Mississippi, and South Carolina. Now, it is distributed throughout the United States.

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