A Beery-Eyed Quiz


Prefacing Friday’s samplings of Half Acre Gone Away IPA and Around the Bend “Ghost of ‘lectricity” Kolsch was a beer-concerned quiz. Here are the questions:

  1. Name the two basic beer styles.
  2. What are the two styles of hops?
  3. What has most influence on an IPA’s flavor?
  4. Kölsches are _______- style beers?

The answers are:

  1. Ale and Lager
  • Ales are top-fermented, meaning yeast cells rise to the top of the warm mash and infuse it with flavor that melds into it via gravity. By contrast, lagers are largely cold-fermented, confining yeasts to the vat bottom, where infusion occurs slowly due to the mash’s colder temperature.
  1. Bitter and Aromatizing
  2. Length of time hops are left in the mash
  • Certain IPA recipes ask for bitter hops to remain in the mash for days before it is finished with aromatizing and/or bitter hops.
  1. Kölsches are Ales

(a) Initially top-fermented, kölsches are then cold-stabilized to allow slow development of flavor.



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