Seasonal changes to the beer list inspired reviews of two new offerings, one in can and the other in bottle.

The first sampled was Temperance Brewery’s “Smittytown ESB,” by classification an ale, yet more specifically linked to a general list of pale ales. However, unlike these beers, ESBs (short for “Extra Special Bitter) are darker in tone and display more palatable hop and malt content than other, unabashedly bitter IPA counterparts. And even if a bit coy in aroma, the Smittytown succeeds with substantial texture and present, if not pleasant, hop finish.  It is served by can, and is a perfect companion for a medium rare burger.

Left Hand Milk Stout was in hand next. It is a Milk Stout, a more specific classification of Sweet Stout in which disaccharide lactose is introduced to promote elements of sweetness and cream (Contrastingly, Sweet Stouts have unfermented sugars added while in vat to raise pleasant taste). The ale stands very well by itself, with rich espresso, chocolate, and coffee notes. It comes in a bottle.


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