Sticky and Sweet


Tonight’s samplings were of Pacific Rim’s Vin de Glacier and Framboise, both products of Washington state fruit.

Rhône Ranger Randall Graham of Bonny Doon fame created Pacific Rim Winery once he realized the attractive qualities of Washington state wine. Beginning with Riesling, then, he found enough success to transfer two Bonny Doon winemakers to the northern state to continue winery growth. And it did grow! Currently the Pacific Rim Winery offers fifteen different wines, all derived from Riesling.

First tried this evening was Vin de Glacier, a dessert wine produced using the Eiswein method. Here, grapes are frozen and then pressed, their juice much sweeter and concentrated than normal. The wine itself is honey-like in texture, with apricot, honeysuckle, and apple. Pairings include desserts with tropical or stone fruit. Mango sorbet would be good too.

Next, Framboise. Not made from grapes but locally farmed raspberries, it’s extremely jammy and raspberry-like. As its compliment, consider vanilla gelato or chocolate desserts, especially those with added red berries.



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