Garganega is the primary varietal used in production of Soave and Gambellara, two DOCGs (Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita) in the Italian province of Veneto. A stalk of loosely hanging grapes, Garganega allows for a bright tasting beverage suggesting peach, honeydew, and orange zest in addition to spicier notes of marjoram and even saline. Because winemakers prefer their interpretations to have a stronger backbone of flavors, too, it is often blended with trace amounts of either Chardonnay or Trebbiano di Soave, also known as Verdicchio.

Tonight’s sample was of Pieropan’s Soave Classico. As mentioned, its winemaker blends in 15% Trebbiano di Soave, with the remainder being Garganega.  Flinty, it expresses apple, pear, and lemon along with the varietal’s salty quality.


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